Sunday, March 5, 2017


This week was anther week not so productive with the crochet but with other things.
My husband wanted me to burn daryl on to wood, heres my shot at that.
i also do vinyl work i put daryl on a glass block you can add an light in these blocks too.

I love red birds we have alot of them in our yard.
So i decided to burn an paint an red bird on some wood.

My Aunt wanted me paint her an cowgirl an horse on some wood.

I had anther order for an glass block it came out good.
I think ive kinda lost my crochet mojo an been doing other things.
Maybe it will soon come back.
but other then this week  been but weve been all been sick with Colds.and yesterday my aunt an cousin an I went to see Shack.. all im gonna say lol cause not wanting to spoil it for anyone. this week I will be doing some spring cleaning I think.
I hope everyone has an good week!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Not to Productive this week thats for sure

This week wasnt so productive but after you see what my husband bought me for our anniversary but it came later,which its ok.
He bought me an 2009 invenger dodge (car)
And I love it!

I think only thing ive done was I made an rooster Jar
I ended up giving to my mom.
But other then crochet I hadnt picked up an hook are no yarn.
I think im gonna give crohet an break for an little while an do hobbies i hadnt done in a while are try other new things.
Ive been just enjoying my new car. Today we went on an tour Walking Dead.
if you interested heres an video of pics an clips of it

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Didnt know I was that Productive this week..

I didnt do to much crochet this week.
My husband was off most of the week our 11th anniversary was on Wednesday.
It was just an relaxing day.
But I did crochet these 2 chicken potholders it was for an order.
I done more of other stuff then crochet.
I went to Walmart an gottten me some wood to paint on
I painted this deers  and gave it to an friend an her husband,who is big on deer hunting.
they loved it!
I went bought more piece of wood and painted myself something
Cowgirl an horse. This is an memory of my horse that I use have his name was smooky.
Heres an pic of smooky an me.

I done vinyl work and made this glass block.
and made an mermaid with my aunts name on it

I guess I done a good bit this week. During the week I didnt think I was that productive until end of the week and start looking back .More then I thought.
I went to Michaels today with my aunt and she wants me paint her an cowgirl an a horse like mine.
and I pick up an burning tool I want to learn how to burn designs on wood. 
Right now im slowly getting anther Thor baby prop done.
I hope everyone had a good week! and hope everyone has an awesome week thats coming.


Sunday, February 12, 2017

project update

Friday February 10th - I went to delivered Baby hats to my local hosp. for the NICU babies. for valentines.

I havent done much crochet this week Ive done more on my cricut then anything
I made these things on my cricut machine.

I went to Michael an hobby lobby to get some yarn for an order an came out with 3 more things haha
thats how it always goes
I got an 1st crossstitch kit even know thats not my 1st cross stitch but i loved it an thought it was cute. i love owls! and the caron cakes im making my first around vest.

My start progress on the vest with the caron cake yarn.

Pocket Full of Posies Vest

Friday morning our little pet mouse passed away :(

I hope everyone has an awesome Valentines on Tuesday and a Awesome week.
Mine an my husbands 11th anniversary is on Wednesday.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Update on projects

I finally gotten the confederate flag afghan done an shipped to its new home

I made this Love Jar  for sons teacher for valentines
Im gonna add chocolate chip mix in the jar.

 I made these
tootsie pop holders for my sons class mates

 I made the gutiar with canvas made it for my husband
 And now not sure what im gonna start on.. probably finish up some baby hats this week so i can take them to local hosp.
Life things nothing has really went on. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Weekly News

Finished projects

So Im working on some Valentine Baby beanies to donate to the babies in NICU at my locate hosp. still have an couple more I would like to make probably get to them this week.

Im still working on  the confederate flag afghan
I got the blanket part done today But i still have to make the 13 stars and sew them on
The next thing on the hook besides the baby beanies im wanting to start on a virus shawl .

Yesterday My youngest daughter went out shopping for an dress for her Military ball shes in the ROTC . Heres the one she tried on but we still looking
We celebrated my husbands 44th birthday. had red velvet cake it was yummy!
Hope everyone have an blessed week!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Year of Projects: Week 2

Ive finished the baby thor photo prop, I thought it came out really cute. hoping the customer sends me pictures when they get the pictures done.

For the rest of  the week ive been working on a confederate flag afghan,one of my customers wants me to make for them. its coming out good but really want to hurry get it done cause I have other things on my to do list that I want to do.

Friday night we were suppose to get alots of snow but we only gotten a dust thats it . Some areas gotten good bit but it was only the area closer to the mountains.
But other then that thats all its been going all but me trying get me craft room in order.
I hope everyone has an good week!