Friday, April 13, 2012

Got up at 6am. Got the girls up and ready for school.. went back to bed for an hr are at less our lil one came in there said "mommy up". I Cant ingnore  those sweet words.
I took my mom to the doctor at 11am  
for blood work to keep eye on her potassium 
Heres my lill boy helping my mom ..He is so cute.
These Pics were tooken on iphone
After we took mom to the doctor ..we went to the Michaels and Targets But
I didnt find what I was looking for :(

He went spend a night with papa for his 1st tyme.

We came home  I made tea  and clean house at the same tyme been fustrated cuz i cant find what Im looking for grr I have my mind in doing it.
I bet you wondering what the heck im talking abt?lol
Im wanting start back scrapbooking  its called project Life.
Its where you take a photo a day wkly and put in a scrapbook and journal abt it and that day.
Im wanting to take it the cheap way not sure how to do it yet but i want to do it.
On Tonights Menu
Baked Spaghti
Taylors Favorite  Food


Anyone can comments and we love comments. 

Gonna Go Cuz we have an long weekend.
I will be post every night abt our day.

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