Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wk1 Project 365 April 15th- 21st

This is My first tyme ever doing the Project 365. Its up my ally though  cause I love taking pictures.
Im gonna partipate in tha project 365 along with project life. every Sunday i will have Project 365 and Every Tuesday I will have Project Life up .
Sunday- We went to Chimney Rock NC   Got to seen an waterfall which its my favorite cause I love waterfalls . Heres My lil Family!

Heres the Beautiful Waterfall

Monday- Our lil boy Playing on his swing set twisting the swing around and around
laughing  as he went around

Sorry don't have Tuesday and a Wednesday

Thursday- Samantha Bought house her Panio award from school
Shes learning how to play piano

Friday- Samantha decides to mop her lil brothers sweep and mop his floor
done an awesome job.

Saturday- we went to see My MIL 
Her and Taylor Chatting

Then we came home and the kids and Michael planted flowers.
Lil michael transferring the dirt in to the flower bed
Why Michael and samantha Puts flowers in the pot

We had an awesome week.
Some these pictures was tooken from my Iphone. cause sometymes the Iphone was handly.

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  1. I'm not familiar with Project it when you take and post a photo a day? If so, it sounds really fun!! These pictures are great :)

    1. yeap you take a picture a day! Its really fun

  2. So happy to have you join us!!! I love waterfalls too! so beautiful!!!

  3. Welcome to P365! It is so much fun to get to know everyone via there week in pictures.


    1. Thanks! Yeah I love the camera so this is up my alley :) and I love new friends cant wait

  4. Welcome to Project 365! It's a great way to journal your year AND meet new folks :)
    Enjoyed "meeting" your family.
    I love waterfalls too! One of these days I hope to go to one of the biggest in the Americas -- it's in northern Argentina where we live now.
    Have a great week!

  5. Yeah Kim I love taking pictures. and doc the memories I also dig scrapbook also.

  6. welcome to 365! so glad you could join us! this is my third year to do it. I always love looking back at what we did that year.
    love the waterfall picture!

  7. Busy week you had there and welcomd to the gang. This is my second year. I loved the waterfall pictures. Awesome.