Wednesday, June 6, 2012

fun day

Today its acutally been an long day
our Jeep isnt running and thats the only way of going so I had to get my aunt take us to dealer shop place so my husband can get a part for it so he can work on it

Our son and I done an project today 
we painted and he loved it

And the other day I helped him plant an seed  sunflowers
and watering it everyday.. I will post pics as it progress

AND  tonight I finished this lil dress set up 
dress,hat,booties, and diaper cover.

I looked out the window while ago and seen all the black birds in front of our house and in the yard, my hubby had put some nuts and stuff out the yard to feed them

Ive had a long day but fun though. I hope your day was good and fun also.


  1. Sounds like a long day but filled with good stuff :)

    Hope you get your Jeep running again soon.

    Love your little ones smile, he is so happy with his project :)

    And I LOVE your crochet little set, it is adorable.

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