Friday, June 1, 2012

Long Long Day

This Morning I started off sneezing one after the other ,I took some sinus  meds and it cleared up and My headache is gone too. 
Today is our dog Cj (Maltese) 5th Birthday. we've had him since he was around 7wks old.Hes spoiled he thinks hes human. lol
Happy Birthday CJ.

Today the kids had there half days  at school .we went to walmart and Gotten few things for the house.
Whats your Favorite House cleaning products?
Sometymes I make my own but sometimes i buy pinesol,comic.

I came home and finished up on a project that I was working on for my mom for an gift.
An dress and a hat to go with it,im gonna make some booties and a diaper cover to go with it also.I will post pictures when im done.

My hubby has to work tomorrow which is an bummer! :( He works so hard.. alot of tymes I think he over does it though He needs to slow down a little.

I want to take the tyme to Thank an awesome blogger/facebook friend for inspiring me to come back to blogging. and her name is sandra at
I dont think she realizes she inspires me and more other people then I think she thinks :) 
Thanks Sandra for been a good online friend if I lived near ya I would come and just give you an Hug.

Im working on a  fb page too for this blog also. 
I will post when its all set up.
I hope everyone has a awesome & Safe weekend.

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  1. Tasha, you are such a sweet friend *hugs*

    I'm truly glad to have met you through blogging and happy to know I inspired you to return to blogging. :)