Wednesday, August 22, 2012

our weekly update

I"m Still here and alive. Life just have been getting in the way.
The kids started there homeschooling Aug 15th . its our first time  in doing this.  We heard alot awesome things about connections academy. We are loving it so far. so you all probably see alot posts about home school also.The teachers seems really nice an very helpful! 

heres little michael 1st paint in school
 our learning center

 Sam learning
 Taylor thinking hard

Alot of you dont know but our lil 5 yr old boy has an speech problem ,we  waited an yr for some help for his speech. our public school is helping him out with his speech. Yesterday  we had to take him to get an hearing and eye exam done and he passed those. we are suppose to go back next week for more testing.

This Saturday im suppose to be in a festival in my small town so we been getting ready for that also.:) Im so excites about the festival this will be my first so wish me look!

Well Im off of here for now.  Hugs xoxoxo

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