Monday, December 31, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! /catch up

Happy New Years 2012 is few hrs to be over with and beginning of 2013 .
The Picture of sunset above  was tooken this morning by my husband. the last sunset in 2012.
 *Today has been cold and cloud.
I done the usual stuff today as cleaning the house and trying to catch loads of clothes up.grr
the kids are out for christmas . but my girls are loving homeschool an my son is loving k5
the rest of the day ive been working on my moms table runner , ive been working on for a year i think.
im half way done with it now though yayy

Meet the new tradtion in the family her name is Abby 

she loves pink! lol shes even smiling for the camera!

ok now its time to say my 1 goal for 2013.

* to update my blog  more. cause  i want to make yearly blog books *
* to make a fb page for my blog also*
  heres an picture slide of all the projects ive worked on for 2012

i hope you enjoy an have a good night an a safe one.

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