Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sick/Gloomy Day!

Its been an rainy an gloomy day!  49 degrees today.
Lil Michael was sick couple of days ago with an stomach flu /fever now hes over it  and this morning
Taylor gotten up with it an michael came home from work this morning with it.
Samantha an I are the only ones so far that has not gotten it yet. but we will eventually get it though.

I went got some gadrade and some soup an crackers .
I hate it to see people that I love sick :(  So its been a laying around kinda day for everybody.
Its been actually an quiet an slow day.

~Samantha lost one of her bottom tooth today.~
~When we went the store earlier this older lady needed help to take drinks to the cashier.. So Samantha helped her... An the lady bought her a box of Debbie cakes for helping which was nice of her. ~
I hope everyone had an good New Years!
and A
Good Night!


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