Monday, February 18, 2013


trying to get caught up.


Friday Feb 15th was mine and Michaels 7th year Anniversary.
He took Friday night off ,but he worked 3rd on Thursday night  so he rested on Friday. But on Saturday we celebrated it.

so on Feb 16th Saturday.
Saturday Morning we gotten a little bit of snow didnt stick though but we still went out and played in it just it falling from the sky.
He bought me an Bracelet/watch for mine and I got him an nice watch also.. I love it! so pretty!

Then we took the kids up there nanas house to stay a night and went rented a room with an whirlpool tube with it. 

we had so much fun!! just to spend time with the one I love .
Hes everything to me.

LOL I said I missed the keys !

we went tothe waffle house  and had waffles and bacon and ham yummy!
We had a nice relaxing night.we dont never get a night like that hardly. so its very relaxing when we do get too. Later on my hubby came got an midnight snack from the waffle house  and served to me in bed. that was the first time I ever gotten to eat in bed :)

we  ate breakfast at the hotel the next morning! and went home on Sunday morning.
I was super tired had to get a nap once we gotten home lol!


Ok Blog annoucements

This blog will be kept real as you can see it.. you willl see the angry,happy,sad all emotions sides of me and my family I will not only have posts and pictures biut sometimes vlogs and clippings too.
Im wanting to records moments of life in here and and have it print it  as a book one day.

I will be also be posting My iphone pictures on here maybe once a week depending on if i took ny that week are not..


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