Sunday, March 3, 2013


Samantha was wanting go skating last week for her birthday but we decided to take her this  weekend instead, we left lil michael with his nana.

we had an great time! didnt once fall are anything.
we skated for little while and then ate pizza.
heres us waiting on pizza patiently!

we left around 4pm and then went to my mother inlaws house an then to walmart

** We had fun day to upsetting day .. Went to Walmart an I left my phone cord an the car phone charger where I always leave it in the jeep am came back out of Walmart the charger an the cord was gone... Don't make no sense cause the doors was locked. We looked everywheres an cant find the thing oh while I hope they enjoy cause I was gonna have to replace thing anyways cause my puppy had nawed on it.
we came home got lil michael an got him some ice cream cause we was really good for nana why we were we are just whining down getting ready for watching walking dead!!

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