Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter/ April fools!

This was on Easter Sorry I didnt get to post yesterday everything was just so busy and tired when i got home.

1. They dyed Easter eggs on Easter morning .
2. We went to my mother inlaws house for dinner and egg hunt and Samantha found the most eggs 3 with my Nephew tooken before going outside hunt eggs
4.the kids with there baskets
5.Lil Michael giving me a flower from outside hes a sweetie
6.our 3 beautiful kids
7 I know someone is excited get his basket
8 he got a camera in his basket not he wants to like me cause i get carry away with the camera sometimes i take pics of everything
9. counting the eggs
this isnt all the pictures we tooken believe we have alot more but i will be here all night putting all of them together lol.
Our Easter was awesome!
We dyed eggs as soons we gotten up and went up my moms house to drop stuff off and gotten stuck in her yard grrr didnt think i was gonna never get out of it lol but I did .
and we went my mother inlaws house to eat some yummy dinner and hunt eggs.
So much fun!
Today is April Fools Day
today just hadnt been our day at all .
Gotten up this morning lil michael written all over his face with an marker
got it off with nail remover,came right off too!
Just one thing after anther every way ive turned to day has been nothing but bad luck!
My mom came an got the kids for tonight and hubby had to work this is very rare i dont never get time to myself . peaceful!!!

Im also Doing an April Photo Challenge
if you like join me please do go an comment down below so i can check yours out.
 Today  is Day 1... On Fun
( Teens having fun taking a photo of there self with her phone)
when my cousin and my girls gets together they always taking silly pics of there selfs

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!!
Got to get

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