Friday, April 12, 2013

killdeer Bird pictures an videos

I volunteer for the Find a the girls an i were looking for a grave that i was assigned to an ran up on this bird obviously didnt wont us come near the grave everytime we step up further it chased us back off. so I text my hubby the picture and he asked someone and said
 this was  an killdeer it acts like its hurt to lead you away from its a nest egg  ive never seen one but i think its a real pretty bird
After we gotten home an found out what it was and I done some searching on it on the net .we went back with my better video camera
an took a video of the eggs an the birds again
here the video

 I really love taking pictures of the wild life and the nature stuff.
and learning more about whatever it is i take a picture of. very interesting!
to find out more about this bird 
go here

Have a blessed day!

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