Saturday, June 1, 2013

Riding without training wheels for the first time/video

Today was CJs Birthday he turned 6 yrs old.
say little about CJ
Cj is an maltese 
He loving dog
He loves to go outside
and he loves to cuddle
weve had him since he was a puppie.
and he is very laid back dog.

He also gonna be a daddy  very soon!
Heres lacy  she our poodle
she pregnant an theres her belly shot

also earlier Michael went take lil michaels training wheels off of his bike
for the first time.
Michaeel only had go 1 round with him and then he was begging his daddy to let go.

 Hes a BIG Boy! Way to go little michael!!!
 I did get an lil clipping video of him riding his bike

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