Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Happy 7th Birthday Michael (video}

Today was  our sons 7th Birthday 
Dang! where does the time go ? It went by so fast!
This Morning the girls and I went took some cupcakes that I made last night to Michaels class 
 Michael and his friend Lexi
Everyone seemed to love the cupcakes.
The teacher told me the girls fights over Michael on whos gonna sit beside him at lunch etc That it causes girl Drama lol! 

The girls and I left from there  went to the grocery store to find Michael an birthday cake there was no cake that was already made that I even liked so we got him a cookie cake instead  and some balloons
Lil michael came home from school and His papa came over here to see him and ate cookie with us and  gave hime him remote control truck to him for his birthday..
After my dad left we went to Family Dollar and seen my brother and his wife and my nephew 
and went to eat at MacDonald  cause thats michael favorite place to eat.
Now at home RELAXING! it has been an long busy day!
Ive been thinking about starting doing project life digtially .

Heres an video clip some of the day  of his birthday 
Hope you enjoy

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