Saturday, July 19, 2014

Crochet & Questions....

Sarah sweetheart got this fun quiz on her blog
Are you a multi crafter?

Yes I am! I do different things
soap making,candle making,Scrapbooking,plastic canvas,crochet,knit,loom knit,beading,friendship bracelet making
Some of these I still do sometimes and some ive tryed and hadnt went back to it

Do you like to knit or crochet more?

* I crochet 

What is your favorite brand of yarn?

I love redheart and sugar and creme

Striped, variegated or solid?

all 3

How long have you been crocheting/knitting?

Ive been crocheting for 9 yrs almost 10

Your preferred hook size?

I use more of J,I or H

Acrylic, wool, cotton or blends?

Acrylic and cotton

Do you like a regular handle or a thicker handle...such as a wood covered, clay covered, etc.

I like reg and the clay cover ones

Do you donate or gift most of your items?

I donate,gifts mostly but i have sold some things too in festivals an etsy

What sort of charities do you donate to?

To my local Hospital to babies and other places and to people that I feel like its needed

What is your main reason for being a yarn/textile enthusiast?

not really sure

 What hook size do you not have in your collection?

I have them all

How did you learn?

When I was younger my mom tryed to teach me but I rather then sit and watch besides learning and when i got older I decided to learn and taught myself on youtube videos and my mom was hear if i needed i couldnt get something.
Heres my mom
She learn to crochet with yarn but moved only working with thread 
heres my moms work shes made more then this but these are only pics i have

I loved this crochet quiz Thanks Sarah

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