Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Im finished yayy!!

This morning Taylor went in turn in her first application @ Little Casers
she was so nerves. But done good! 
The hiring manger wasnt in today. but tomorrow we will go back.
she growing up so fast! 


when we gotten home I had to  sew to the flowers together for my
Not to mention if Im planning keep these in the kitchen I will have to make 4 more cause i have 5 windows in my kitchen.I havent decided what im gonna do. i kinda like the vintage look for my kitchen and put these in my craft room.  I got the pattern from once upon a pink moon   
Its an easy easy pattern!

I used H hook
peaches an creame yarn
 I stayed til 2 am finishing up the flowers lol! 
but im dragging today cause im not no night person the latest I stay up is to 1am if that.
 I need to be organizing the homeschool books an supplies for this year probably do that tomorrow.
I guess its time to relax! Ive been stopped up with allergies . 


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