Saturday, August 2, 2014

August 2nd ~~ 20 Facts about me(hashtag #BEDAoutmumbered) 

 20 Facts about me
1 ~ I hate hate spiders

2 ~ My Favorite Color is Purple

3 ~ I love reading Blogs

4 ~ I have 2 Tattoos

5 ~ Im the only girl out of 5 

6 ~ I wont get on a airplane

7 ~ I rode Horses growing up an missing my horse like crazy

8. Milk makes me sick, but i eat it with cereal anyways

9~ I bruise really easy that most of the bruises i dont know where they come from

10 ~when I was an kid I hated clowns But now I collect them

11 ~I document everything . in journals or blogs,or vloging its always somewhere for my kids to look back on one day

12 ~im an worrier ~ Emotional

13~ I love to clean an organize

14~ I love crafting Crocheting is my favorite

15~ Photography is my passion 

16 I love cats ~ But Im all animl Lover

17 .Im an homeschool mom

18  I love the mountains

19. I love my family { my hubby and kids are everything to me}

20. Love to go Hiking only if its to an Waterfall Cause I love waterfalls

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