Saturday, August 2, 2014

Date night For hubby and I

Tonight was date night for my hubby and I .
The kids went up to there nanas house to spend the night.
My hubby an I went to see the 2nd series of the planet of the apes we went an seen Dawn of the planet of the  Apes
my hubby and I went and planet of the apes our 1 st date and I remember ceaser was my  fav ape then in that one. and he still was in the 2nd series. thats all im saying abt it right now giving everyone go see it that wants too.
Some of it was sad and some was funny.
but of it all it was an good movie.
after that we went to Arbys to eat cause ive been wanting an roast beef sandwich since last night.
Finally got one lol yummy!

I finished this road trip scarf the other day. I thought It came out pretty
it was an very fun pattern

Now its time to relax and take me a hot bath . 
Have an good nite

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