Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day 16 If I won the Lottery

Day 16
If I won the Lottery:

I have everything that I need, Im truly blessed!
If I won the lottery, I would have to split to

 ~~the Homeless people/Kids


~~to the Shriner s Hosp for blessing the kids and my brother 
Who has Spina bifida


special olympics 


 ~~for the Animal Shelter and the needy animals because im a big animal lover!
For every stray cat r dog its comes in our yard we try to help it


**Theres others is always  worse off then you are rather its money, food,clothing,health, emotionally etc
Try to help are donate when ever you can every little bit helps out.
to show that you care.  if you dont win the lottery one day theres alots of ways to help someone even if its just give an hug to someone cause they could be having an bad day you could make there day better just that never know what people is going thru.  And to bring an smile to there faces is priceless! **

Have an bless day an Keep an smile on your face
make someone else smile!

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