Monday, August 18, 2014

First day of school

Today Our kids started back to school
Samantha and Michael went back to public school
Samantha wanted go back to public school.
they were both excited but nerves! Taylor is staying in homeschool!
They all had an awesome day today in school!

We went for an walk today 
thought this was an cute picture
he was looking at me lol i think squirrels are cute!
the squirrels that lives around here they seemed to be not be scared of ya you can get so close to them before they run but they always turn around an look at you lol. I always talk to them, my great grandparents that used to live here in this house use to sit on the porch feeding and talking to the birds and squirrels. 

Now im cooking dinner
fried wieners,baked beans, and biscuits yummy!

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