Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fun day at the Fesival

We gotten up this morning to go to our towns Spring water Festival
its where they have food,car shows,rides,singing,crafts an all kinds of stuff.
I  love going every year!!
my hubby an michael in front of one of the cars they liked.

I love this firetruck!

Having fun in photo booth they had there.

Taking a water break from walking in the hot sun!

Walking home! weew hot today! 
but very fun!!

We came home ive done some crocheting on a doily 
half way done. I cant wait to get it done.
I got the pattern here

It was also My dads 6th year in heaven.
I miss him. it will always be my angel!
I used to see to him every year  at the festival
walking around looking at the show cars and eating BBq

I hope everyone had an great Saturday!

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