Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I love Rain

Hello! well how is everyone? 
This morning it seemed to be an beautiful day  but muggy ugh!
I got some clothes washed an hung out and before the 2nd load even finished it looked like it was gonna rain. and it did.got to tell ya thats how my luck goes sometimes lol .. we got an good shower 
we needed it bad
after it rained I cooked supper we had an good ole cornbread and milk Yummy we dont have that much.
Oh yeah I took the kids pics today with there new haircuts
LOL dont ask why Taylor has hoody on for
she does that sometimes

Samantha an Michael both are excited for school to start on Monday.
we are getting our bedtime routines back on track this week so it wont be so hard next week.

we went walking tonight with my mom. 
 I love going on walks in the late evening so relaxing.

I hope everyone had an great Tuesday and great Night!

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