Friday, August 1, 2014

introduction and selfie picture(hashtag #BEDAoutmumbered)

For Everyday in August I will be participating  with Emma @outmumbered  I will be blogging everyday In August.

Day 1: is to introduction and selfie picture(hashtag #BEDAoutmumbered)

So here we go with the introduction -
I'm Tasha. Im 37 yrs old.Stay at home mom of 3 kids 2 girls 16,an 12 and 1 boy 7 yrs old My 2 girls are homeschool thru the public school and my son goes to the public school cause of his speech problem .
I'm happley married to Michael for 13 yrs.
I love to blog lately its been off an on. wanting to get back into it thou cause I miss it. I love reading other blogs and making new blog friends..Ive always loved to document my life in some way in anther.
I love spending time with my family ~Photography i always have an camera beside me ~Im a crafty type of person too. I love to crochet,bead and alkinds of other things~ I love to blog.we like to hike and go to the mountains
I do some of reviews and family,kids,pets and etc posts on my blog.

heres the recent picture of me and my hubby.

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