Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Guilty Pleasures Day 12

Today is Guilty Pleasures
Day 12

* I still listen to the music that I listen too when I was an teenager
I just like the older music better.

* My heart goes out for  my pet rats. cant help it im a big animal lover.
dont like spiders and snakes thou!

* I crack My fingers only when im nerves

* I still write in a journal but keeping up with this blog for my online friends and family to catch up what we up too  an  too get printed out to be an book one day.

*  I can sit here for hours to read blogs and watch tv and drink pepsis
that is if my house is clean cause it drives me nuts for my house to be nasty are if i see little piece paper on floor drives me insane.

Thats it for now! :)

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