Thursday, August 14, 2014

register Kiddos into school

I had go register sam and michael into school ..

Michaels school  we actually beated the crowed at his school.
 He loves his teachers and cant wait to go back on Monday!

Samantha is where the pushing and the crowed  was
we meet her teachers and they all seem to be nice . An the school is  using ipads this year so all they need is pencils wow! shes excited to go back!
She misses her friends thats why shes going back to public school.
Shes thinking on trying out to be an cheerleader!
Taylor is staying in home school.

Guess what I had to do when I gotten home?
yes thats right alots alots filling out paper ugh!

By the time I got all that done I was tired so we had pizza,
TIRED!!! :)

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