Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sad but an productive day

Hello Everyone! How is everyone? Im good! It was an beautiful day! Ive been pretty much productive today. But also in a pretty much of an sad mood also.
I have an pet rat hes going on 4 yrs old his name is booboo.
yeah I know you probably saying ahhaa rat ?
but  you would be bit surprise how this little fella thinks hes not an rat lol
they are very smart. But any how hes has turn to ill stage which is very bad . and I cant stand to see an furbaby to its sad!
This little fella is spoiled rotten. But his days im afraid is almost to the end! :(
~ Hes not eating are drinking anything
But ive been keeping myself pretty much busy today.Taking care of him and cleaning house and doing Laundry.
The cleaning and Laundry Dont never End something im always doing! but hey I love been a housemaker.
 I went out hung out clothes out today and seen that our town people is fixing  the holes that was at the end of our road .
It was an an broke drain pipe , they replaced it and cement over the holes.

For Dinner tonight I made some Dinner rolls with my breadmaker
I love my breadmaker so much!
The breadmaker 
Is my favorite things in he kitchen

heres after it came out Its dough to make it to be bread 

 let me tell ya this bread is yummy!
ive made this bread several of times.

 what we had for dinner
Fried wieners
dinner rolls of course lol
baked beanes
an potatoes

I was just thinking the meme im doing bloging everyday in August on a certain different topic
its motivate  me to blog about my daily life also and other things which is awesome! Thats what I want. I always love to blog to document my life because Im wanting my grandkids and kids look back on it one day. this is very important to me. I love taking all kinds of pictures of almost everything and love to tell the story of memories.
I had alot of blogs since 2006 and delete them after awhile and it saddens me that I deleted them.
not sure why! :(  i wished ive kept them are whatever.
this one I know for sure will stay up im hoping one day I will print it as an blog book are something.


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