Monday, August 11, 2014

Sad Day!

RIP Robin Williams


The world has lost a true talent.Such an amazing talent and kind soul. 
So Sad!  :(
 I liked alot of the movies he played in they were always funny!
Mrs Doubtfire was my favorite 1993


Today we went and enrolled Samantha into public school  for 7th grade
she wrote her dad and I and text was asking us can she go back to public school 
She was missing her friends.  so we are gonna let go back.
Taylor my oldest still be in homeschool though I feel she needs more 1 on 1 time .
Thursday sam will be getting her schedule and meeting her teachers. Shes exited but nerves!

Last night I made my pet rats an no sew hammock

Georgie in the hammock

The kids got there haircuts today I will post pics tomorrow.
nothing really went on today.

I hope everyone had an Blessed Monday

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