Tuesday, August 5, 2014

special memories. Day5

special memories.

Oh My goodness I have alots of special memories. 

Childhood from when I had my beautiful kids and married my soul mate.

I have an Special Memory this person was so dear to me that was my Nana
My mom and my brother an I use to live with my grandparents for little after my mom gotten divorce with my daddy. I remember getting up every morning and smelling the coffee and see my grandma and grandpa at the kitchen table papa reading his paper and nana putting makeup on and curling her hair and both will be drinking coffee. 
papa will be talking abt whats going on in the world and nana would be planning her day.
I remember nana and great grandma use to make carebears . 
and grandma use to make the best cocnut cake and the best banana pudding.
My nana and Papa use to have an in ground swimming pool and my nana never could swim and she made sure that everyone could swim before getting in the deep in . she use to be panicy scared to death that something bad gonna happen.
I remember I had an tongue ring and my nana had an fit and wanted me take that thing out. well I got my hubby take it out and put it in a box  and wrapped it gave it to her for christmas the reason that was so she can throw it away she made sure i didnt have anther lol.

I remember we had an dog name pookie my hubby bought it for me  shes was our 1 st dog togeether 
and my nana came to our house one day when it was pouring raining  an pookie was rolling in mud and she was white dog (maltipoo)  and she had mud all over her and my nana said theres that pookie dookie lol that was sooo funny how she said it.
This is pookie

I remember my nana and papa when i was younger after my mom remarried to my step dad always had to come on christmas to see what we gotten for christmas she done all the way up til she got put in hosptial.
 This pic was tooken my nana set up an pizza party for her grandkids at the time it was near christmas and she had all6 of us over night having an pizza party and watching movies it was really fun.
Before she passed she has 8 grandkids  there 2 it wasnt born yet in this pic and 5 great grandkids and 3 daughters
Imthe girl on the right in the back with the twitty on :)
My nana has always inspired me in alots of ways she had an heart of gold. always helping people out. and was always there  for people rather should to cry on are someone to listen too.
I also remember after my hubby an i moved into this  house we live in now my papa an nana came over here with there dog BJ at the time we had 5 cats running around LOL i thought Bj be ok but no my papa let him go and that dog was every where chasing cats around he had those cats climbing my curatins lol  and all i heard my nana saying jerry{papa} get that dog lol it was funny then it wasnt but afterwards we just laughed abt it made it be an memory.

when I had all 3 my kids my nana was there at every birth.
My nana was always there trying to push me to the top of everything.
was behind of every dream i had . my passion has always abt photography are been an nurse.
and she always told me i would be awesome photographier and loved everything ive done.
when I crochet something she always gotten the first of it. I crochet an doll dress she had an fit for it 
it was my first big project when i started crocheting . so I put it on a porchlin doll that she gave me when i was a little girl and gave it to her.made it very special.

I remeber I use to call nana everyday at the same time. sometimes i had good news and sometimes it was bad news. everything i said she always told me to keeps it in Gods hands always gave me an positive input on what it was.
somedays whenever i went an seen nana she was singing with her country are sometimes christain music and cleaning her house are even baking something.
I have alot of memories of my nana i can go on and on .
 My nana passed on April 2009 
. and we all miss her very much.

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