Thursday, August 7, 2014

Updates/and baby brother came seen us today

Today I just done the household chores and little of laundry ,hanging out clothes Before Hubby gotten home.
And My booboo {pet rat} is still hanging on.. I cleaned his cage out when hubby got home from work to help. bless his heart.!

Earlier My baby brother came over here to see us
 I love seeing my brothers
Brother an sister LOVE!

Tomorrow it will be an daily post cause tomorrows topic on the Blog everyday in Aug is whats in your handbag
Im guessing thats the samething is pocketbook
I dont carry an pocketbook around I only carry an wallet around with me thats it.

This beauty has been beside me all day almost. Its like she can feel my greave for booboo are something its weird
I love you miss Lieh! 

I have some special posts coming up ive been write blog posts Ideas down in notebook 
I'm wanting to post {special Post}  on here as well other then the daily posts an the few meme post that I do weekly . If there's anything you want me to add or have any ideas  please comment down below and i will write abt it .
Whats for dinner..
Baked beans

Ive done decided that I'm not deleting my facebook im leaving it up not for me to post im leaving it up cause my blog automatically goes on there after i publish an post  that way my family and friends can click on blog to read it are whatever .But other then that im not having to much to do with  facebook mo more. to much drama for me

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