Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Where I live Day 13

I'm a small town girl
I live in a Small  town Called Williamson
Got to say I love my town that I live in.

Theres a lot of things and little stories  I can tell ya about where I live but to be honest it will take me all day to type out. so I will just tell about my favorite spot where I live.

I love our park that's my favorite  place.

So come along and I will show you somethings  i enjoy here
so peaceful here
you can just kick back read a book 
watch your kids play on the play ground
go for relaxing walks and all kinds of tables where you can have birthday parties ,family reunions and even picnics etc....
and even watch the squirrels play.LOL

Put your feet in this river, Ive even seen kids play in it before

This is what they called  healing springs it was discovered in the early 1840's by Samuel Williams. It  was believed to have medical properties... it brought people from every where to the mineral springs for a drink.I have seen some get gallon jugs to take back home with them.

They also have Spring  Festivals with kids activity's,crafts,food and car shows Etc.. and fire truck rides even know im 37 yrs old I still love to ride that fire truck

I remember my grandparents an my mom  came to the festival every year. I was actually scared of the clowns but loved that firetruck and the ice cones.
 Omg on Christmas sometimes after Thanksgiving the whole park is decorated and lit up for Christmas . people comes from every where to ride thru there and to see Santa
here an small clip of the Christmas park
not all that good cuz im driving

They have boo in the park on Halloween. its like trick treat and play games
Pig in the park is where we eat BBQ
party in the park

they have singing,food,stuff for the kids

Theres alot more fun stuff that goes on in this park.
and I love it!!!

I dont only love the park, I love our town.
Our town it self has a lot of stuff it goes sometimes.

 I hope you enjoyed this post.
I hope you have an awesome day!

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