Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving and putting up the Christmas tree

Hello Family and Friends,
I know ive been an bad blogger, Im so sorry. Life sometimes gets busy and gets hecktive.
But Im ok and everything is great and Im back.:)

Hows everyone's Thanksgiving? I hope it went good. 
Ours was great. we had Ham and went up my moms for Thanksgiving dinner
I fixed a Sweet potato casserole I used my nanas recipe.  and  mini pumpkin pies they were yummy.

The mini pumpkin pies were all gone they didnt last long. 

 My papa joined us for dinner.

Yesterday I gotten a call from my mom and she told me she had an surprise visit an old friend was in town and I had to put things down to go see them cause we hadnt seen them in years.
I miss them so much!
They told us they were moving back here YAYY!! IM so happy! 

we put up the Christmas tree when we gotten back home from visiting.

 I made few of these snowflakes last year

They had fun decorating the tree. I go thru the blues this time of year. Cause my nana is not here nothing dont seem the same since she passed on the holidays. esp the ones she loved the most and Christmas was one of them.

But other then That ive been working on orders and wifey job. 
I m wanting to keep with this blog ive been told so many that they love my blog and I also love to doc as much as i can for my kids to look back on and  for the friends and family we dont see that much to keep up with us.


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