Monday, December 1, 2014

Blogmas 2014 - Day 1 Favorite Christmas Tradition

Favorite Christmas Tradition

As soon Sandra  posted this on her blog I gotten excited an said im joining in.

We always put our Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving night and decorate And then take everything down on New years Night. Weve always done that since I was growing up. 

we always went seen Santa  in the Christmas Park and went riding around to see the Christmas lights.
and go Christmas parades.

heres Lil Michael. This was the first yr they had santa on a train. It was really neat. 

heres me when I was an baby with santa

Samantha with Santa
 Taylor with Santa

Growing up weve always baked cookies and put out cookies and milk and maybe an little note  for santa.

Christmas Eve Night the family  always  go celebrate Christmas at my nanas an papas house and we always had an dinner and open gifts afterwards .

and When got up on Christmas Morning Santa always set our things out with our stocking beside.
and my grandparents always gotten up early  on Christmas morning to go  visit all there grandkids  to see  what everybody got from santa.  and  papa still does this day. my nana did too all the way upo she passed.

1 year we rode horses  in the parade 

I hope you enjoyed this. Come an join in if you wish.

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