Friday, December 12, 2014


Yesterday I went to help my mom out to move an big area rug and I hurt my wrist . its been painful shooting pains.
Thank goodness it was my left and not my right. I use my right hand more then i do my left hand.
I was trying to crochet some orders I had to get done and couldnt do it. had to refund the money back.
my husband told me i was making it worse by crocheting . so I put an brace on it to help me not to use it are move it around. 
so no more crocheting for at east cpl of weeks until my wrist heals.
I just hope I can get thru this with using one hand not doing me no justice so far.
My oldest daughter and my brother kevin.

but Before this happened I did start on my cross stitching a little bit heres my progress on it
I started on the frogs arm. I know you cant tell yet.

This cat is so spoiled. everytime someone eats she thinks she has to at what they are eating.

I got the kids pictures back but decided not to post them til after christmas because im giving them out to family for christmas . just in case family comes to my blog which i think some do .:)

okey im not able to type long because im using one hand to do it and its not fun.
hope yall have an good one.

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