Monday, January 5, 2015

Isnt he cute?

I'm very excited about the 1st project I got done for 2015.
I finally made myself something for an change. Ive been crocheting for an long time an always giving it away to charity are to family an friends are selling it.
so you are probably saying alright quit with the ramble an show us lol!

Every since I was an kid  I love play Mario its always been my fav and it still is
Mario is my fav
so I found an pattern on raverly of an cute mario plushie

so isnt he cute are what?
yes im palnning making all the charaters to mario one day hahaha. na hopefully soon.
heres the pattern Mario Plushie

right now im working on making  Easter things for my local hosp babies for Easter.

So I hope every one new years went good and well.
we just layed around the house where its safe.

Happy Crocheting!

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