Tuesday, February 17, 2015

On Snow days

One of those dreery day 
Alot of icy   on the ground and on the trees an lines..

We just layed around the house. 
The kids were out yesterday for President's Day an they was out today cause of the icy weather condtions. tomorrow they are calling for 2 hr delay but to me i think the roads are still icy so i dunno..
Theres an a lot of people lost there power  last night and today. we hadn't so far .ours did blinked last night like it was an i hurryed to get an candle just in case but it hadn't yet. But im praying for those it lost there power and praying for the homeless and the animals that's outside.
We had hotdogs tonight for dinner.  an little bit fixing some hot chocolate to warm myself up. an sitting here to relax an to do some crocheting. 

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