Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our 9th Anniversary

Im so Lucky and Blessed to have my Husband in my life.
He supports family of 5 and really dedicated to his job, does his best of everything he does an good at it.  Hes an awesome Husband and Awesome daddy to his 3 kids
He very funny makes us laugh when we are blue. Theres so much about him I can go on an on. I love him so much hes my best friend and my soul.  An look forward to grow old together.

Last Night we had High winds.
It knocked out this sign an bent it.
We are about to have winter storm Neptune to come thru
calling for ice and snow. Wow! Thats just great! 
they are calling for 2 to 3 inches . gonna be a mess

Im prepared and set! Probably do alot of crocheting an keeping warm why this stuff is here.
I guess for rest of the night Im relaxing
God Bless!

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