Saturday, August 29, 2015

What ive been up too.

Hello! Its been a while since ive actually posted here in my blog.
Im really thinking about changing name to this blog. Because im gonna use it for my crochet things, photography and family life probably more not thinking of just yet.
if you have any kind of suggestions what i should change it too please share it with me.

Im in a Photo challenge  at 
go and check out there podcast 
heres my day 29
in my hands

I had an order on this cute little pumpkin beanie for an newborn 
the info of this is on my raverly page
and im taking more orders of these on my etsy shop
Is an name blanket  
Im getting there on this one.
But other then that our family has been busy thru the summer with vacations and my etsy orders.
I really miss blogging and want to get my blog printed into a book once year are something.

Our oldest daughter Taylor Started her new job and first job at McDonalds 
started Last Thursday just passed. an got her permitt seems like in all week which we are very proud of her.
This was tooken on the way first day of work
 when she gotten her permit

I hope everyone has an great day!

 photo name lago.png

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