Sunday, November 29, 2015

Project update

Hello, How are you? Come on in and Grab cup of tea and relax make yourself at home. I hope everyone had an good Thanksgiving. I know we did.we stayed home an had Thanksgiving at home.
Did you go shopping on Black Friday? I didn't. You wont see me shopping on that day lol! other then that we doing great.
Announcements :
The only thing is im starting back doing Crochet/Craft videos every Sunday the video  will be posted on the bottom of these posts every Sunday are every other Sunday.
 You are more welcome watch the video if you like.

Come and join me on
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Finished Projects:

Burg,black and white/ Pattern: Corner to Corner blanket
Made out of redheart yarn

still working on this cross stitch project . I just got to get the border done around it.  

 and Im Starting on a Crochet Filet today
I showed more of the pattern on the video . the video is posted on the bottom of this post.
Stash enchancement
I picked up anther Cross stitching kit at walmart.
 My daughter Samantha wanted me buy this book from Michaels
So I can make her the orange Slouchy thats on the front


  1. I'm impressed with how quickly you get these things done, Tasha. I look forward to seeing the filet crochet. I have never tried this type of crochet yet.

  2. Gorgeous blanket and the cross stitch is coming on, you won't find until it's done. Love the look of that orange slouchy.

  3. Looks like you have been very busy with those blankets. I think that orange slouchy hat is going to be wonderful.

  4. I really like the blankets, such lovely colours.