Monday, November 2, 2015


Hey Friends, 
Im sorry I havent  posted anything in a while ,Ive had alot going on lately.
But anyhow I'm here now and will be posting more regularly now. I was thinking yesterday that I had a blog back in 2006 and for some reason I deleted I had no reason too. I can kick myself on the back side should've kept it .but this one is staying no matter what the case might be. I want to look back on it.
we gotten Michael Back into public homeschool. so been trying get him back into that am getting him use to it. which so far its going good!
Its been raining alot here where I live actually so much rain its made our basement flood. and having replace the hot water heater 2 times :( sucks !!
Ive been busy on orders
Ive had 3 blankets and done with one and 2 more too go
Heres an Seattle Seahawk blanket
Thinking putting a border around it.
I hoe eeryone had a good and safe Halloween!
We took Michael  to trunk to treat.
There not that many houses around here it hands out candy anymore so I just take him to churches to trunk trick . he got a good bit!
Michael went as Jason
Samantha an her friend went as Mario an lugi zombies
Taylor went as a cat
Thats all for now. have an good Night

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