Monday, November 23, 2015

Wow! This week flew  by quick.
Im thinking about making videos every sunday showing my projects and stuff on video it will be added to end of these posts every Sunday if I decide to. You an either read it are watched the video either way are both.
heres my youtube channel  click here
Work In Progress :
on the16th of Nov.Started on anther Corner to Corner blanket.its in a burg,white an black in  redheart yarn.hoping it will be close are will be finished by next week.

Also working on an cross stitch project.I got the words done I just got to put the border on there.this one will be framed and given to my mom when its done.
I love cross stitching also.

Finished projects:
 I got an order from an local photographer to make an batman photo prop
Think thats it for now.  I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving!
and a awesome Week!
Thanks For Stopping by. 


  1. Very cute Batman prop and I love the current projects specially the C2C

  2. Great Batman prop. Really like the colors of the C2C

  3. Wonderful projects, Tasha. I love seeing the embroidery more fully done. I love the whimsical way the words are "written". :^)

  4. Oh, we have a CAL together! LOL! I'm doing a c2c also and love first. Is this your first one? I love your colors. You did great job on the stripes going diagonally. I to like to cross stitch but crochet I can do in my sleep! LOL! (Not really) but cross stitch does require close attention. Your Mom will love it! The batman prop is so cute!

  5. Your cross stitch is lovely and the corner to corner blanket is gorgeous.

  6. Wow, the batman cocoon is brilliant! Because you should always be yourself ... unless you can be Batman, LOL!