Thursday, December 31, 2015

clippings of my 2015 year review

Yearly Review 2015

Its hard to believe that 2015 has done passed already. 
I crochet alot alot alot! Ive done great in my etsy store.
These projects  not in order and ive made alot of them more then one time
 And Im still working on cross stitch project

Life Year Review 
Im trying not to forget anything are leave anything out and Thank God for Facebook because thats where I keep pics an updates on things
my hubby birthday
 I made these Heart Sachets for mom and my dads wife for valentines

 February 15th is my husbands and I anniversary
Its also my papa and nanas Anniversary
My husband went bought me an cabinet to put my dolls and clowns in . I collect them 
an then we went out for bbq
Around Feb 17th we gotten a little of snow and Ice
Feb 20th an 21st we rented an uhaul truck
and i was terrified cause it was my first time driving one and we had go along way topick up our new couch
Feb 25th Samantha turned 13
She claimed she didnt have no birthday candle but the picture dont lie

March  14th lil michael turned 8 and I made him an Minecraft Cake hes crazy over that game

 sam an michael playing xbox

march 21st -We went hiking at white waterfalls in NC 

I gotten to take maternity Pics of my beautiful cousin
We dyed eggs and went hide an find them at a friends house

I took my beautiful cousins Graduation pictures

MOTHERS DAY i got an puppy his name is little man
may 14th samantha was in a pal talent show
heres an pic of the group click here to watch video of it
my cousin had her a babyshower i made her an superman out fit

rewards day for samantha
June 7th hanging out with nana linda

june 15th samantha being cute an she made her nana linda some cornbread an she gotten creative greasing the pan

Brayden was born
Fathers Day at the park

Taylors 17th birthday she wanted me make her an confederate flag cake

we camped out at the beach 
 we met an friend
 roasted mashmallows
 what i made why i was there

My hubby got me an crockpot for my birthday
 my baby brother came see me on my birthday
 July 11th my hubby bought Ellie
in July we also went tubing for our first time ever and I will put link here to the video to it
July 9th our confedrate flag came down in SC
 Aug 27th
taylor got her 1st job
taylor got her permit

my cousin was born miss peyton
i made the mermaid for her

our pumpkin is olaf
family time
we went bowling



 we had Thanksgiving at home
AN taylor got her wisdom teeth pulled
we decorated the tree an fixed up an gingerbread house

 we also went to the parade the video link is here

December 21st - we went took elf hats to the hosp for the nicu babies

 made christmas crack for hubbys work
we got to go see the Star wars movie which was awesome
 On Christmas Eve 
we went to see my mother inlaw  she has been sick and wasnt doing to good

Christmas Day we gotten up to see what was under the tree and then went to my dads house
sam- got an phone
Taylor got an leather gamecock jacket
michael_ eletric scooder

went to my dads house
on the was there our tire went flat but my hubby fixed thank goodness
my brother an i
 my dad an i
 taylor an my dad she loves her papa
 my dad an his wife i made this home sweet home for christmas

December 28th 
My mother inlaw passed away 
this is the sky on that day
Linda you will be missed. we love you
She loved her family
these pics are old but here some of her

What I posted in this post is not everything its happen but its just the clips of my life.

There was some Happy,Sad,Proud,Fun Moments in 2015
I hope 2016 an be alot better

For 2016 Im wanting to post daily are every other day in my blog
so I an keep up with things little more and memories .

I hope you all had an great  2015 and have a better 2016



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  1. I hope you have a great 2016 too. Sorry about your mother in law.