Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tashas Crochet ep2

Hello, How are you? Come on in and Grab cup of tea and relax make yourself at home. I hope everyone had an good week.. Darn the week went by fast.
Announcements :
The only thing is im starting back doing Crochet/Craft videos every Sunday the video  will be posted on the bottom of these posts every Sunday are every other Sunday.
 You are more welcome watch the video if you like.
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Finished Projects 
Last week I said I was starting an Filet crochet home sweet home
well I did an done with it 
I used cotton thread #10
Hook #7
I love crocheting Filets
This will be framed and given to someone for Christmas

My working Progress:
its getting there
Stash Enchancement
my hubby got me this for my early Christmas Present


Im also into Photography and heres an cute photo I took of my Lil man


  1. How nice to get an early Christmas present! And I love the picture of Little Man. What a cute picture.

  2. Love the filet crochet and the dog looks wonderfully festive!

  3. I love filet crochet too and I especially like that design. I tried to click on the pattern but nothing happened. I'll watch your video and see if it has some info there. Love your early gift and your festive "fido" is adorable! I'm hoping to get back to some x-stitch after the holidays.