Saturday, February 18, 2017

Didnt know I was that Productive this week..

I didnt do to much crochet this week.
My husband was off most of the week our 11th anniversary was on Wednesday.
It was just an relaxing day.
But I did crochet these 2 chicken potholders it was for an order.
I done more of other stuff then crochet.
I went to Walmart an gottten me some wood to paint on
I painted this deers  and gave it to an friend an her husband,who is big on deer hunting.
they loved it!
I went bought more piece of wood and painted myself something
Cowgirl an horse. This is an memory of my horse that I use have his name was smooky.
Heres an pic of smooky an me.

I done vinyl work and made this glass block.
and made an mermaid with my aunts name on it

I guess I done a good bit this week. During the week I didnt think I was that productive until end of the week and start looking back .More then I thought.
I went to Michaels today with my aunt and she wants me paint her an cowgirl an a horse like mine.
and I pick up an burning tool I want to learn how to burn designs on wood. 
Right now im slowly getting anther Thor baby prop done.
I hope everyone had a good week! and hope everyone has an awesome week thats coming.



  1. You HAVE been productive. I love the chicken potholders,too. And I really love the picture of you and Smooky! :)

  2. Whoa Nellie are extremely productive! I love horses too and miss mine. The potholders are so cute. Becki made some a while back and I loved hers too....I guess I should make some! LOL! Enjoy your week!

  3. Very productive indeed. Sigh. I wish I could draw - that would be awesome!

  4. A great show-and-share post. Love your chicken pot-holders.
    Nice paintings on wood too, and that is an awesome pic of you and Smooky.

  5. Lovely work - I really like the paintings.