Sunday, February 26, 2017

Not to Productive this week thats for sure

This week wasnt so productive but after you see what my husband bought me for our anniversary but it came later,which its ok.
He bought me an 2009 invenger dodge (car)
And I love it!

I think only thing ive done was I made an rooster Jar
I ended up giving to my mom.
But other then crochet I hadnt picked up an hook are no yarn.
I think im gonna give crohet an break for an little while an do hobbies i hadnt done in a while are try other new things.
Ive been just enjoying my new car. Today we went on an tour Walking Dead.
if you interested heres an video of pics an clips of it

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  1. What a great husband you have. My son would love that tour, he loves that show.